Web-based Qscan for LIGO data

About Qscan

Qscan is a time-frequency analysis and plotting software based on the Q-tranform. This analysis uses a sinusoidal-Gaussian measurement basis for the identification of gravitational-wave transients within a finite region in time, frequency and signal's quality factor Q. Please click here for further description of this analysis.

How to use

Members of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration will need to login using their ligo.org accounts in order to access all LIGO data. General public can access data and analyse/visualize them via Qscan that have been made public through LIGO's Open Science Center. You will to specify a GPS time as input, while the analysis output will appear as a web page offering the ability to save it in its entity. Future versions of this Qscan portal may allow customization of the LIGO channels to process as well as user-defined analysis parameters for performing the Q-transform. Here is a tutorial on how to use this server.